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This app has flaws, but I don't want to hate on Hater too much

After swiping through some users, I finally got a match (and so will you too). It then asked me to “break the ice” by prompting me via push notification to send my new match a “message”.

This is actually something both Jenna Amatulli from the Huffington Post and Avery Hartmans from Business Insider forgot to mention in their own Hater dating app reviews. However, it seemed different (and almost ridiculous) enough to us that we felt it was worth mentioning.

After matching with someone, Hater dating app takes a more creative approach in an attempt to get you and your match to start chatting. ”

#1. Listing/learning logic is old and HIGHLY INACCURATE! The reason why listing logic is bad to rely on is because simply put, users don't take it seriously. Users will swipe on almost anything and how long does Hater dating app expect them to swipe for before getting bored to death?

This is by far the BIGGEST issue that continues to persist and copying (I use that word lightly) already flawed apps like Tinder, Bumble and all the other hot or not apps is going to do ABSOLUTELY ZERO for increasing date rate; the ratio of real life dates to matches

Not very long. I can tell you from Dine dating app's user experiences...not very long at all.


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