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Showing personal solutions, the installation may also be interpreted because county out of joy of places

Cutting through the fresh center of one's area for example petrified lightning was good luminous glass filament suspended on the ceiling titled Exactly how Strong try Time, an artwork projection and you can prognostic out-of altering ocean accounts. New unfamiliar coming is crystallised within this functions, forecasting other sea membership, all slightly different, but equally critical for mankind, due to the fact a caution and you can a keen appreciative complaints.

My personal favorite are this new array of black dots different for the diameter, developed on petite light canvases into wall - Live/Exit, track of the condition of mental health away from regions, considering formal rates away from committing suicide rates globally

Getting a visual equipment, a snapshot getting people to understand the globe as it already really stands, it lies exposed the weight and you can impact you to anxiety has on our very own well-becoming, via the estimated committing suicide costs of your portrayed countries, where, small the fresh new dots, the less the new costs of suicide. Lehanneur chose so it shape while the good dialect out-of lack, or alternatively, a portrayal ones just who resided - the way to portray her or him were to not portray her or him – the fresh new absence using up the form regarding an effective gaping black hole, as the remainder of the white canvas extends with bright pledge, evocative of them which made a decision to real time.


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