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Congratulations to Ali Hazelwood on The Love Hypothesis, our pick for the best romance book of the year

Download the app. Seven star Latina authors bring us nine holiday tales inspired by the Image. A warm and winning "When Harry Met Sally...". The author gives a warning in the blurb about what a reader can expect in her debut novel set in Derry, Northern Ireland during one of the darkest years in the province's history. Nadia Owusu's debut memoir, Aftershocks, has those residual tremors that follow an earthquake as its central metaphor, and the author had 8. A comprehensive directory of publishers accepting romance submissions in 2022, vetted by the team at Reedsy.

Labatut expertly stitches together the stories of the 20th century's greatest thinkers to Historical fiction is one of romance's most beloved sub-genres, but sometimes it can run the risk of feeling a bit wrapped in gauze

These 13 new romance books - one for each week of your Happily Ever After Summer - will replenish your serotonin reserves.


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