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The model could also be used beyond the borders of Africa and could be applied on a broader, international scale

  • What cultural values do the proposed solutions carry?
  • What ethical values underlie the proposed solutions?

Analysis revealed the cultural orientations and the ethical foundations of these solutions, which we have called the users' degree of ethical awareness. To be more precise, an analysis of proposed solutions to the problems of Internet use was carried out based on the community's ethical presuppositions.

Having analyzed the information on the establishment , use, acceptance, and integration of ICTS in general and the Internet in particular, we were led to propose an ethical model of Internet integration, which is presented in this work.

Toward the Development of an Ethical Model of Internet Integration

The research led us to develop an ethical model of integration to serve as a reference, both for national policy in African countries and for individual Internet users (see “An ethical model of Internet integration,” in Chapter 7). The need for such a model exists, in our opinion, because of certain paradoxes we observed at various levels and contexts within each of the countries in the study.


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