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Tinder allows creating a web profile so that it could be found even beyond the application

Profile editing is implemented using both the client and server sides of the application. On the client-side, the user enters/edits the data (gender, bio, photos). On the server-side, appropriate records are saved.

When clicking the 'Like me on Tinder' button the user is redirected directly to the application or to the Play Market/App Store in case the application is not installed.

The mechanism is as follows: the client-side sends a request to the server. The server remembers that the user wants his photo to be seen when clicking the link. The server generates the link and shows the photo to everyone who clicks it.

This is how Tinder works with users and their profiles. Try to use the same approach when you create an app like Tinder.

2. Settings and Notifications

Like any other app, Tinder allows adjusting settings for the convenience of users. citas online para amantes de perros For example, you can enable or disable notifications for new matches, receiving messages, likes, super likes. You can also choose preferable units of measurement for displaying a distance (km or mi).

Receiving notifications can be implemented via the interaction of your application with Apple / Google servers. The server sends push notifications to the app. To build a Tinder clone with similar functionality, your development can use FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) for Android and APN (Apple Push Notifications) for iOS.

Along with usual settings described above you can adjust Tinder-specific settings, like enabling/disabling discovery so that other users could or could not find a profile, choose to show men, women, or both, specify the search distance and the age range of the users to be found. So, if you want to make an app like Tinder, ensure that user accounts are set up properly.

3. Geolocation and Communication

Geolocation is the basis of the application. Without it, the app would be useless since it is all about finding people near you. Your app development team can make use of Geolocation API and Core Location to create a dating app like Tinder.


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