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Years within sexual readiness was 170 days

The fresh live weight of 8-week-old pullets are 0.88, and therefore regarding cockerels is 0.98 kg. The brand new alive pounds off hens is dos.5 and of dicks step 3.5 kg. The average annual production try 180-190 eggs weighing 55-56 grams. Egg shell is actually brown. Fertility regarding egg is 95% and you may hatchability 85%. Success rates of young to 56 days of many years was 98% and of people it is 95%.

UKRAINIAN MUFFED (Ukrainskaya ushanka)

This will be a district strain of the new main and you will northern Ukraine; the origin is unclear. The distinguishing element is a primary dense beard and you may heavy muffs layer short ear-lobes. It character is prominent more than lack of mustache.

The brand new breed are elevated of the amateur breeders and in gene preservation flocks out-of research education. The latest stock try 2 hundred head. Your mind are large and https://datingmentor.org/pl/myladyboydate-recenzja/ you may greater, with a flower otherwise solitary brush and quick good beak. The human body are lightweight, bullet, amply feathered. Muffed chickens try brief and you can thickset with apparently quick ft. The fresh new end was well toned, with rounded feathers, and you will sloping somewhat backwards. Brand new plumage is frequently black, light gray or reddish-brownish, but there are even light, noticed, silver and you will mottled varieties.

Muffed birds have a quite strong brooding gut. Chicks feather early. The brand new real time pounds out of adult hens are step one.8-dos.step 3 and of dicks dos.3-step 3.5 kg.

Decades from the intimate maturity was 150-180 months. The typical annual development is 150-160 eggs off fifty-sixty g.


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