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To own Hernandez, the one and only thing missing away from honorable consensual unions try legally binding sanction of state

Somehow my offer happens up against the basic and practical establishment out-of relationships, but though we're and only relationship, as is fitted of men which make rules for people, we need to quietly consider man's correct condition. Considering you to law derives out-of facts, these guys possess united right here to enter a constitution and therefore wipes clean this new problems of history and you can seeks an alternate road money for hard times, [thus] it is important which they judiciously studies the latest standards of our landscaping and you can visited the conclusion that there exists one thing into the our life along with our world to which we simply cannot within the in whatever way close the eyes, that we have to face valiantly. 51

Hernandez reasoned you to mere legal sanction regarding a sexual connection you are going to never be the only evidence that a person are an actual and you will moral citizen

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