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5 Clues That you are Referring to Passive-Competitive Behavior

In my opinion cause are not only this new stuff off sexytime romantic trysts

Examples: Procrastination. Neglecting. Stonewalling. Withholding information or guidance. So many bureaucracy and you may red tape. Reason making. Damaged preparations. Decreased follow-up.

You can easily Purpose(s): To avoid obligations, obligations, and obligations. Maintaining fuel and you may handle of the towering of many hoops to help you diving using. And also make lifetime much harder for others using inactive competition. Purposely clogging others' achievement. Being envious off others' achievements.

Examples: Deliberately undermining opportunities, methods, issues, due dates, or arrangements. Ultimately causing spoil otherwise losses materially. Overspending. Wrecking confident biochemistry interpersonally, socially, otherwise professionally. On purpose exposing risky advice. Purposely obstructing telecommunications and you can ventures.

You'll Intent(s): Covertly declaring rage, aggression, and you will anger towards the a single, class, otherwise company. Channeling unspoken gripe otherwise unsolved earlier in the day points. Individual, social, or elite group envy. Subtly providing punishment or revenge.


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