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First of all, most more youthful somebody sexually debut into the own kid-partner (Manning et al

Lastly, all of our results indicate that an effective �feminization� regarding men choices within the partners is happening together with an effective �masculinization� out-of girls' sexual practices. Earlier studies show one comparable process is happening as well as from inside the men and women thinking and opinions and they along with matter aspects outside several relationships (see, and others, Dalla-Zuanna mais aussi al., 2019). That it let us in order to hypothesize that the observed overlap may also qualify since the an expression away from greater changes when you look at the relationship anywhere between individuals, happening during the Italy over the past decades, being triggering more egalitarian norms and you may behaviors in numerous socio-financial spheres including works, family unit members and you will interpersonal dating.

Sadly, considering the services out of readily available analysis, we were not able to strategy brand new definitions given to the latest based matchmaking, the newest attributes that have been tried for the a partner, the brand new matches between characteristics wanted, and people in fact discovered, or if the newest intimate dating developed to a connection.


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