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Heterosexual Men Are Using Grindr to Meet Trans Women

Jeremy is one of an increasing number of straight men on Grindr , the hookup app created in 2009 for men who have sex with men. Like most of them, however, Jeremy's profile includes a perplexing caveat: “No Guys,” it reads, adding that any messages from men will be deleted. The 27-year-old personal trainer from Northern California is only interested in meeting trans women.

Earlier this month, he left Tinder , the go-to hetero dating app, after averaging a measly two matches a week and meeting only four people in six months. Living alone as a caretaker for his grandmother with dementia, Jeremy tells me he's “pretty lonely IRL.” His father recently passed away; six weeks later his girlfriend dumped him. He knew Grindr was popular - the “gay Tinder,” as he puts it - so when he learned it included a “trans” category he quietly downloaded the orange-and-black mask onto his iPhone.

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