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The near future belongs to people who trust the beauty of their dreams…. (E. Roosevelt)

A well-known culture, knowing new gender of the unborn guy is requested so you can a young pregnant woman to choose ranging from a rose and you will a great calla: whether your mom-to-be find the calla might have a boy

The fresh calla lily are a perennial evergreen, of the Araceae family relations. The definition of comes on the greek terms “ kalos” this means beautiful. The scientific label, Zantedeschia aethiopica, gotten because of the Kurt Sprengel, a good italian language botanist, in honor of new Italian botanist and you may medical practitioner John Zantedeschi.

Brand new kinds identity, aethiopica, is the city south out-of Egypt and Libya, the room of their origins. The brand new calla is equipped with a great oblong rhizome, large which can be a very harmful plant for both people and you will having pets. Extremely that isn't a bona fide rose, whilst is inspired by the latest distortion of the leaf with contained in this quick groups.

They may be receive along side corners away from absolutely nothing ponds and you can ponds; they could be also cultivated into the bins at home, they want extremely damp soil.. The quintessential diffused classes is: the fresh Zantedeschia elliottiana, indigenous out of north-chinese language Africa, described as red flowers; this new Zantedeschia nelsonii which have herbs red-colored-sulphur and you can a red-colored stain, brand new Zantedeschia rehmannii that have disappeared white herbs away from flower.

The newest calle stand for new life, actually you use type them on deck of brides so you can indicate the beginning of yet another life one to she starts with this lady future husband.

The latest calle are a symbol of new lease of life, in reality you use input them into platform of the brides to help you represent the start of a special life one initiate to call home together husband to be. Often we discover new callas even in funeral wreaths or arrangements introduced cemeteries, as this rose are in the divine purity and you may satisfaction that comes shortly after dying, as well as showing the new memories for an earlier individual that died too quickly.


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