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Add a quick line about whether you're after a hook-up, fling or long-term relationship

“ Give something specific about you in your profile to start conversations,” says relationship therapist Charisse Cooke. ? “ It's hard getting in touch with a stranger and saying something that will be interesting and able to give you both an opportunity to put yourselves across in a good light. A lot of dating app users say they feel like they read the same profiles over and over when searching, so put forward those details that are unique to you.”

Be clear with matches about what you're looking for

When writing your bio or striking up a conversation with a match, be clear about what you want (or don't want) from a partner. It's better to get that out of the way at the beginning, so miscommunications don't end in tears, or worse, ghosting and resentment. Honesty's the best policy and all that!

Even if you're not sure what you want from dating, you can literally just say that. Lots of your potential partners will be in the same boat. It could even make for a conversation starter from mutually unsure-but-open-minded matches. There's no need for game-playing or concealing the truth in 2022.

Fill out everything on your dating profile

Back when I matched with my partner on Tinder in 2017, there was only space for five photos, a short bio, an ? “ anthem” (the song you played most, basically) to market yourself to other singles. That meant you had to be a teeny bit superficial and mean when making your matches, relying on just a few details to make your decision.

But now, apps have options for everything from videos to voice notes. And with all these resources at our fingertips, a skipped prompt is the mark of a lazy person, or someone who just isn't taking the dating game seriously. Whichever vibe you're giving off, neither's gonna get you love or lays.

Set boundaries and be realistic

Tess Ridgeway, psychotherapist at mental health enterprise The Mind Map says those using dating apps should adopt the attitude of ?


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